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Assistant Instructors

I, Master Mark Anawski, would like to thank all of my incredible Assistant Instructors for your hard work and tremendous dedication to TaeKwonDo and the Martial Arts!  Brookings TaeKwonDo would not be what it is today if not for all of you.  THANK YOU!!!

Brookings TaeKwonDo, LLC is very blessed to have a variety of amazing Black Belt Instructors. Our instructors come from all over the United States and Korea and have trained with some of the very best in the world. The Assistant Instructors are all Kukkiwon Certified Black Belts and must complete Instructors / Leadership Classes and Certification.  Brookings TaeKwonDo would not be what it is today if not for the dedication our Assistant Instructor. Thank you Staff!

Master Erica De Rycke – 4th Dan
Miss Jasmine Anawski – 3rd Dan
Mr. Leon Miles – 2nd Dan
Miss Hope Stover – 2nd Dan
Miss Jennifer Dahl – 2nd Dan
Miss Chloe Heermann – 2nd Dan
Miss Laurissa Thomas – 2nd Dan
Mr. Clayton Willis – 2nd Dan
Mr. Garrett VanderWal – 2nd Dan
Mr. Stephen Anawski – 2nd Dan
Mr. Josiah Miles – 2nd Dan
Mr. Jackson Jeppsen - 2nd Dan
Mr. Eli A. – 2nd Poom
Mr. Liam Jones - 2nd Poom 
Mr. Trestin Johnson – 2nd Poom
Ms. Aryana Nelson - 1st Dan
Ms. Emily Hagedorn - 1st Dan
Mr. Ladd Nelson - 1st Dan
Ms. Madalyn Even - 1st Dan
Mr. Liam Wagner - 1st Dan
Ms. Grace VanderWal - 1st Poom
Ms. Hailey Hagedorn - 1st Poom
Mr. Hunter Mellon - 1st Poom