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Mr. Mark Anawski
Head Instructor – Senior Master

Mr. Anawski is the Head Instructor and Co-Owner of Brookings TaeKwonDo. He has been training in martial arts since 1985.  He is a Senior Master and holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo.  His primary focus of training is in TaeKwonDo and he is a Kukkiwon Certified International Master and Kukkiwon Certified Poom/Dan Examiner. Mr. Anawski has also achieved Black Belts in American Kaeru-Do Karate and Songahm TaeKwonDo. He has training and earned rank in other great styles of martial arts. Mr. Anawski has been a member of several professional organizations including USA TaeKwonDo, World TaeKwonDo Masters Union, Northern TaeKwonDo Alliance, American Kaeru-Do Karate Black Belt and Title Rank Council (AKDKBBTRC), USA Boxing, National & South Dakota Fraternal Order of Police, United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association and South Dakota Peace Officers Association.  He is currently serving as South Dakota President of the World TaeKwonDo Masters Union and a Senior Council Member of the AKDKBBTRC.

Mr. Anawski is blessed with an amazing wife, two wonderful children and resides in Brookings, SD.  He has a diverse background in training and experience with over 23 years as a Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff in South Dakota and is a Certified Law Enforcement Officer.  Mr. Anawski graduated from South Dakota State University with a B.S. Degree in Health Promotion, emphasizing in Exercise Science & Psychology.  Mr. Anawski also attended Graduate School at SDSU majoring in H.P.E.R with emphasis in Exercise Science and Administration.  After completing 1 year of graduate school, he pursued his interest in Law Enforcement where he received Law Enforcement Certification from the South Dakota Law Enforcement Academy in Pierre, SD in 2000.  He has over 1500 hours of specialized training, many certifications in a wide range of law enforcement topics including Defensive Tactics, Pressure Point Control Tactics, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Use of Force, Officer Survival, and firearms to name a few.  He is a certified training instructor and trained Law Enforcement in Self-Defense, Firearms, Patrol Tactics and other areas.

In 2011, Mr. Anawski decided to pursue a different chapter in his life in hopes to continue his passion and love for martial arts and TaeKwonDo. He took over as Head Instructor/Owner from Senior Master Tom Buehre and Master Diane Buehre in August 2011. He left full-time law enforcement and works full-time with Brookings TaeKwonDo and is an independent training instructor. He continues to help instruct area law enforcement and security agencies in specialized defensive tactics and use of force training. Mr. Anawski also teaches area daycares and schools (grades K through College) about the dangers of strangers, school bullying and refusing to be a victim. His passion is taking traditional martial arts teachings and applying practical self-defense / personal awarness and safety techniques that can work in ‘real world’ situations in hopes one may never have to use them. Mr. Anawski continues to put on self-defense/personal awareness classes and seminars to businesses and organizations in and around the Brookings area.

Mrs. Kelli Anawski
Lead Instructor

Mrs. Kelli Anawski is a Lead Instructor and Co-Owner of Brookings TaeKwonDo.  She started her TaeKwonDo journey in 2011 with the encouragement of her husband and Co-Owner Mr. Mark Anawski.  Mrs. Anawski has a 3rd Dan (Degree) and is Kukkiwon Certified.  Mrs. Anawski is a Certified USA TaeKwonDo National Referee and a Member of USA TaeKwonDo.  Mrs. Anawski has also received extensive training in Self-Defense Tactics.  Mrs. Anawski is the behind-the-scenes force which makes Brookings TaeKwonDo work.  Her dedication to the School and its function and growth has been instrumental for our success.  Mrs. Anawski is also an Instructor in K.N.O.W. Self-Awareness and Defense where she accompanies Mr. Anawski in teaching practical common-sense self-defense to individuals around the region.

Mrs. Anawski has a Master Degree in Business Administration from Dakota Wesleyan University.  She earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Family & Consumer Sciences Education from South Dakota State University where she also met her husband and Co-Owner/Head Instructor Mr. Mark Anawski.  She has two amazing children, Ms. Jasmine (3rd Dan) and Mr. Stephen (2nd Dan).