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K.N.O.W. Personal Awareness & Defense

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Personal Awareness & Defense System
Knowledge, No, Offense, Witness

Mr. Anawski is a Primary Instructor and creator of K.N.O.W. Self-Awareness and Defense. He goes to area daycares and schools (grades K – College) and teach about the dangers of strangers, school bullying and refusing to be a victim.  Mr. Anawski also hosts self-defense seminars for individuals and their families and corporate businesses.  His passion is teaching practical self-defense / personal awareness and safety techniques that can work in ‘real world’ situations in hopes one may never have to use them. Mr. Anawski continues to put on self-defense/personal awareness classes and seminars to businesses and organizations in and around the Brookings area. 

Classes and Seminars are available throughout the year.
Please email or call Mr. Anawski for information and scheduling a program for your business, daycare, school or organization.