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My children joined Brookings TKD in the fall of 2013 as brown belts.  Previously we had belonged to another TKD gym in town and had been for 3 years.  We had heard wonderful things about Mark and his program, so decided to make the change.  Mark and the other instructors welcomed us and even took Ben and Kaitlyn aside and personally showed them the changes between the programs and what would be expected of them.   With the difference in programs, they were starting from the beginning with their training, but would be recognized as the brown belts they were. After almost 2 years of hard work and perseverance they participated in their first testing at Brookings TKD summer of 2015 and passed to receive their red belts.  I believe if it would have been any other gym the burnout would have won over and they would have quit.  As children, waiting almost 2 years to advance when they are used to every 3-6 months, wasn’t easy!   Mark wouldn’t let that happen.  He and the other instructors are personally invested in each and every student at the gym.  My kids come to respect them and honestly think of them as extended family.  Looking back the only regret for joining Brookings TKD is that it took us so long to do it.