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I enjoy training at Brookings TaeKwonDo. I also enjoy the opportunities Taekwondo has given me, such as competing in different states. I have competed in Kansas, Nevada, Wisconsin, and many other states. I am grateful to be able to compete at higher levels such as state and national competitions. In addition to that I have been able to have access to training camps and other Taekwondo seminars, with coaches such as Olympian and AAU National Coach, Juan Moreno and Olympian Stephen Lambdin. Also I enjoy training with other athletes and getting new knowledge that will help me in the future and help me to grow as a person as well. Taekwondo has given me access to these amazing opportunities. I also enjoy meeting new people through Taekwondo. The people I have met are athletes from other schools , various instructors, my teammates and coach on the competition team. My Coach Mark and his wife Kelli have helped me to develop as an athlete over the years I have been training. The people on my competition team are absolutely amazing and I would recommend trying out Brookings Taekwondo.