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We just finished up a private self-defense class with Mark & Kelli and it was such an invaluable experience. My friend & I both have two teenage daughters, the oldest of whom will be heading to college soon, so we both wanted to give them the techniques & skills necessary to defend themselves in a real life situation. First, Mark clearly has a deep knowledge of what he is teaching, is passionate about you not becoming a statistic, and is wonderful at communicating how to not live in a fear based mindset, however be able to identify dangerous situations when they occur and react accordingly. One aspect I really appreciated was that he kept the moves simple, yet effective, rather than complicated techniques that you may forget while in the heat of the moment. He was extremely considerate in wanting to know our expectations & making sure we walked away from the class feeling empowered. We enjoyed the class so much we plan to go back for a refresher in a few months to build upon the moves & concepts Mark & Kelli taught us. I feel this is a must class for all women & teenage girls. You will never regret taking a self-defense class, however you may regret NOT taking it. Thank You Mark & Kelli!